It's Party Time, Chumps
WHAT DID YOU THINK OF IT? OH MAN I LOVED IT SO MUCH! BILL WAS A LOOSE CANNON! 8D Seriously it was so interesting seeing him completely lose any of the composure he had during Dreamscapers. And his obsession with causing himself pain is... Really interesting? I mean. LETS TALK ABOUT THAT. I think it was a whole mix of "yay pain receptors", "haha look what I can do" and just treating Dipper's body as something to use up and throw away. Any thoughts on that? *chinhands*

SOCK OPERA WAS GREAT.  And it’s been, what, over a year since Dreamscaperers aired, but this episode was completely worth the wait and we can finally talk Bill again aw ye

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PSST did you see the new Bill Cipher episode? ahdjkldshlk SO MANY THINGS TO THINK ABOUT NOW.


What do you think about Desmond Sycamore?? I wanna know your opinion on his personality and past uvu


Desmond in a nutshell.  See also: cares more about his hair than about the moral ramifications of destroying cities and holding people hostage in the cellar.  Technically, he’s a professor, but it’s mostly just a side gig he uses to justify the obscene amounts of research grant money he secretly funnels into constructing death machines and big, ugly castles out in the middle of the Atlantic.  When he’s not buried knee-deep in robot blueprints, avoiding his classes or moonlighting as the Phantom of the Opera, he’s doing his ding dang diddliest to avoid getting pantsed by Targent.  Unfortunately for Desmond, most of his encounters with Bronev n Friends either end with him being shoved into a locker or with the murders of his wife and child.  It’s a pretty raw deal, but having an omniscient guardian butler and a blimp makes things a little more tolerable.


the Layton wiki has a height chart PRAISE BE

the Layton wiki has a height chart PRAISE BE

I know this is a couple months late but WELCOME TO THE PL FANDOM. We hope you enjoy your stay ;u; (also wow your art is amazing!!) ((oh and Desmond is a huge nerd and I'm happy you love just as much as I))

well shoot, thanks and thanks!  Desmond’s a riot, and I’m hoping against hope that Azran Legacy doesn’t mark the last we see of him but at this point who can say


You know with PLvsAA all but definitively stating for the first time what general time period the Professor Layton games take place in, we can confirm that they don’t live in an odd anachronistic mishmash of a time period, but instead that England is entirely populated by turbohipsters.


God is real XD


God is real XD


doooesss he build the terror machines himself?

*deep deep inhale* I just finished the azran legacy and whoa...I cried so much haha .. but actually I wanted to say that your art is so adorable and perfect *-* I love it ^-^

thank you so much!  yeah, I had some pretty mixed feelings about Azran Legacy after finishing it, given all the plot holes and strange pacing.  Ultimately though, I decided that I liked it because let’s face it, despite the game’s shortcomings, it still gave us a good selection of puzzles, copious amounts of gorgeous scenery porn, and Desmond Sycamore.  who am I to complain about that.